Wine Glass Media is owned and run by me, Shae McDonald, an extravert and lover of words who has more than 10 years’ experience in media and communications.

As a former journalist, I know what makes a good story and how to craft it. But stories aren’t simply the ones you give to journalists. They can be as short as a tweet or a slogan and as long as a communications strategy. Stories, in whatever their form, tell people who you are and what you are about. That’s why it is crucial the right messages about your business are being conveyed to your audience. These stories also need to be consistent in style, grammar and appearance.

Wine Glass Media was established in 2018 after Shae decided to leave her full-time role in the media to pursue her dream to start her own business. She uses her excellent interpersonal skills to help businesses strengthen their brand and widen their appeal through creative and engaging language.

I have excellent relationships with a variety of media contacts both in Queensland and across Australia. I know how to pitch and the types of content most likely to generate coverage for your business.

I have worked extensively in the digital space and as such possess a thorough understanding of the demands on people’s time and the need to write succinctly to keep them engaged. Using analytics and data, I know when most users are online and the best times to get their attention.

Social media and its influence is only continuing to grow. Its most crucial element is engagement, rather than likes. Customers who feel invested in their favourite businesses are more likely to remain loyal over time. A large part of that cultivation can be done through online interactions. I am skilled at writing for social media channels and aware of the importance of using it in tandem with a website, so the audience from one can feed into another.

In addition to my time as a journalist, I have also worked in communications and marketing in both the private sector and government. I am able to write content for a variety of different materials and audiences.

I have a bachelor’s degree in communications (journalism) and am part-way through postgraduate study in public relations.